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Secure Scouting Inc is a private security guard services company whose leadership has undergone rigorous training alongside US military personnel, instilling in them the values and discipline required to handle security matters daily. We provide our clients with comprehensive security protection 24/7, both during and outside work hours. Our team of highly-trained security guards is well-versed in various security measures, ensuring the security of the building and actively monitoring the job site for potential security breaches. All of our security guards are fully licensed, insured, and have undergone DOJ screening. Our BSIS-qualified managers conduct interviews to ensure the suitability of the security guards before deployment. We offer a range of security guard services, including armed guards and unarmed guards, and mobile patrol officers who have undergone extensive training to maintain the highest possible security standards at the job site. Our company also provides security consulting services to ensure that our client’s specific security needs are met. We work collaboratively with our clients to bring about positive changes that enhance their security. You can trust us to secure your premises, business, and most valuable assets with our expertise and have peace of mind knowing that we have your back when it comes to security matters. Our private security guards provide services 24/7 to ensure the safety and protection of businesses and residential communities.

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Years of Experience


We hire licensed and professional security guards that fit our clients' needs.


Secure Scouting Inc is founded on the core principle of action, not reaction. We train our stop to detect and deter with precision and professionalism.


Your security is our priority. We serve our clients to eliminate their stress and enable them to focus on their work. We got your back to the surface, a peaceful environment where you live and work.


Our mission is to serve our clients and handle their security needs with complete honesty, dedication, and professionalism. We look forward to building business through relations.


We work with our clients to develop a better plan that fits the budget of our clients. Secure Scouting is open to suggestions that improve our guards' work environment and the security of our clients.


Areas We Serve In

Secure Scoutintg Inc, is the best security guard company. We offer our services in both security guard company in Bay Area and security guard company in Sacramento locations and everything in between. Since they present themselves as high risk as they are both very rich areas. As well as have major companies in the area, we offer a variety of services for the client to choose from. Which would allow them to rest peacefully knowing that they are safe and so is their establishment or house.

Our security guards actively protect California’s business and residential facilities by using the industry’s cutting-edge technology. We are available 24/7 and all year along. We have earned a unique position in the industry because of our staff’s professionalism, dedication, and coordination with clients. Secure Scouting Inc leadership is trained alongside the U.S military, who learned discipline, commitment, and job accomplishment from the world’s top military leaders in the field. Trust our abilities and leave the rest to our trained professionals to secure your premises and workplaces.


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Our mission is to provide our clientele with excellent security service that is in line with their ever-changing protection needs. Our agency will go above and beyond what is promised to our clients to ensure that they are provided with superior, professional security guard services. Are you a current or past client of ours? Want to share your thoughts about us? Click on the link below to give us your feedback.

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