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The need for campus security is a relevant issue for all schools today. Parents and the media have all begun to explore how to make campuses a safer place for elementary, middle school, high school and college students everywhere. Every year, schools around the country release violence reports to students or parents and always reports show that crime still happens. Theft, sexual assault, bullying, hallway fights and more. Even if school violence has gone down, there’s still a need for campus security to handle other issues.

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Reliable Campus Security

Our Campus Security makes important decisions when it comes to disciplinary action. If a student violates a school policy, it does not necessarily merit an arrest or extreme legal action. Instead, they may refer the student to the Dean of Students, who will decide on the appropriate measures to handle a situation whether that is suspension, a fine, or simply a referral to student health services. When handling a student case, our campus security view their role as offering guidance to help students to make the most of their time in college, instead of simply to enforce the law.

Duties Of Campus Security

The Campus Security from Secure Scoutintg Inc provides personal, equipment, and real property security for faculty, staff, students, and visitors within an assigned area of the University campus. Provides escort services, and other basic public assistance services as needed, and performs routine security and public safety patrol duties within the assigned area.

  • Patrols assigned area on foot, in assigned motor vehicle, or other specialized vehicle to ensure personal, building, and equipment security.
  • Informs and warns violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles.
  • Provides escort services for visitors, students, staff, and faculty, as necessary; provides other public assistance, such as lockout services, jump-starts, and routine information.
  • Remains alert for the presence of unauthorized persons and/or security code violators; approaches suspicious persons and/or notifies police as appropriate; may confront and/or detain violators, as required, until police arrive.
  • Maintains security controls for issued University keys; safeguards and controls issued University equipment.
We at SECURE SCOUTING INC have our Campus Security make sure that all the students, teachers and visitors on campus feel safe and have a good time. Our Campus Security are on duty 24/7 hours and protect the college after hours as well. Our Campus security helps keep all people on campus safe as well as the campus itself by keeping a watch on all those who enter so everyone on campus can go about their day as normal and not worry about anything happening.


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Our mission is to provide our clientele with excellent security service that is in line with their ever-changing protection needs. Our agency will go above and beyond what is promised to our clients to ensure that they are provided with superior, professional security guard services. Are you a current or past client of ours? Want to share your thoughts about us? Click on the link below to give us your feedback.
Secure Scouting Inc protects you and your most important assets with dependable, professional security solutions customized to fit any scenario. You can rely on our highly trained security guards and patrol officers. They are fully insured, licensed and bonded and ready to serve you.
Regardless of what industry you’re in or what you need to protect, we can provide professional security personnel to meet your needs. We provide a variety of services ranging from mobile patrols Armed Guards. Hire us and get the peace of mind you deserve – both now and in the future – with a custom tailored security solution that protects the people and properties you care about most.

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